Teen Mental Health

What is Mental Health?

There are many ways to define mental health. To different people, it can mean a lot of different things. Mental health is more than just not having mental illness - mental health is an important resource for everyday life. It affects how we feel, think and understand the world. Having good mental health and well-being is about being able to stay balanced and be resilient, having the ability to enjoy life and cope with everyday stress, and being able to bounce back from bigger setbacks.

Healthy Living and Mental Health

In order to keep your mind healthy, it is also important to take care of your body. The way you eat, sleep and stay active can have a big effect on your mental health. Healthy routines for eating, sleeping and physical activity have been proven to improve self-esteem, affect the way you think, and make it easier for you to deal with stress.

Here are a few very helpful websites with excellent information about mental health:

http://keltymentalhealth.ca/ The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre is a provincial resource centre that provides mental health and substance use information, resources, and peer support to children, youth and their families from across BC. You can reach us over the phone, in person, or through email.

http://www.mindcheck.ca/ This website is designed to help youth and young adults in British Columbia check out how they’re feeling and quickly connect to mental health resources and support. Support includes education, self-care tools, website links, and assistance in connecting to local professional resources.

http://www.psychosissucks.ca/ The Fraser Health Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) Program website promotes early detection, educates about psychosis and provides direction for seeking help.