Student Services

CHANCE Shxwetetilthet has a full-time counsellor to assist students in a variety of ways. The counsellor assists students when adjusting to a new school, develops a transition plan for each student for their next school, supports learning in the classroom, helps to develop skills in decision-making and mediates disputes between students. The counsellor also promotes mental health within the school through activities that encourage the development of lifelong skills, attitudes and healthy behaviours. The counsellor acts as a liaison with students, teachers, parents, and agencies outside the school such as the Chilliwack School District Student Services, Ministry of Child and Family Development, Probation Services, Chilliwack Youth Services, Chilliwack Addictions & Preventions Services, Ann Davis Transition Society, etc.

CHANCE Shxwetetilthet also has a Learning Assistance Teacher, who works in collaboration with our classroom teachers to identify areas in which each student needs support and to craft their Individual Education Plans. In addition to providing support in the classroom, the Learning Assistance Teacher also offers one-on-one and small group instruction, such as the Study Skills group for students in Grade 9 who are preparing for their transition to high school. The Learning Assistance Teacher also oversees the daily Literature Circle time, during which students work on their reading strategies as they read and discuss a variety of books with their small group.

Our Student Services Team also has an English Skills Development Teacher and Youth Care Worker to assist students with their learning and work with the counsellor to support students.