Medical Conditions

A Message From Our Health Nurse

Attention: Parents/guardians of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

A written plan of action to be used at the school needs to be submitted if your child has life-threatening medical conditions such as: epilepsy, diabetes, serious asthma, heart condition, severe allergies requiring an EpiPen or blood clotting disorders. This plan is done by parents filling out the “Emergency Medical Alert” form,

If it is absolutely necessary for the school to administer medication to your child, your doctor will need to complete the reverse side of the “Emergency Medical Alert” form. Parents are responsible for returning this completed form to the school as soon as possible. Any medication given to the school should be in a bubble pack and be clearly labeled with the child’s name and instructions.

For further clarification, please call the School Health Nurse at 604-702-4900.

Downloadable Files: