Chill Out Room

The “Chill Out” room at our school was created to support our students who are in crisis. This space provides students with a safe place to self-regulate using positive multi-sensory tools when experiencing emotional distress.

The purpose of the “Chill Out” Room is to provide students with a space to:

  • Relax, calm down, and self-regulate
  • De-stress
  • Decompress and get centered emotionally
  • Work through feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness
  • Stop and think about options, and make positive choices
  • Meet with a counsellor for follow-up and counseling

Students can self-regulate through:

  • Expressing with art medium
  • Playing Guitar or Keyboard
  • Accessing the MindUP app on iPad
  • Doing Breathing Exercises
  • Looking at photography books
  • Listening to music