Transportation Department
Tel: 604-792-1255

We are very fortunate to have an excellent district transportation service providing our students with daily transportation.  We also use this support service to take our students on field trips and to recreational programs.

It is imperative that a reasonable standard of behavior is maintained while on the bus.  All students are expected to observe the following guidelines:

  • The driver is in full charge of the bus and his/her rules must be obeyed.
  • The driver may assign specific seats to students at any time.
  • Students must not extend arms or heads out of a window, try to get on or off the bus, or move about within the bus while it is in motion.
  • Students must not throw paper or other waste material on the floor or out of the windows of the bus.
  • While waiting for, or seated on the bus, students must conduct themselves in a courteous manner, showing consideration for the comfort and safety of others.
  • Scuffling, “rough-housing”, fighting, smoking, and the use of obscene language on the bus are prohibited.
  • Students willfully damaging a bus will be held fully accountable.
  • When leaving the bus, pupils must observe the instructions of the bus driver.  They should not cross the road without having a clear view in both directions.
  • In the event that a student is getting off at a stop that is not their normal stop, a letter or phone call to the school is required by the parent/guardian.

Students riding the bus are responsible for their conduct to the bus driver.  The driver will report any incidents to his supervisors and the school principal.  Violation of any of these rules may lead to the loss of riding privileges.  Bus suspensions are as follows:

First Time Written warning and assigned seating
Second Time 1 day bus suspension
Third Time 3 day bus suspension + meeting between admin and parents
Fourth Time No bus privileges for the remainder of the term

Please note:  Depending on the incident, steps 3 or 4 may be invoked immediately