Welcome to CHANCE Shxwetetilthet Alternate School


Program Changes to Support Vulnerable Students:


The Chilliwack School District’s is committed to providing effective and thorough supports for vulnerable students.

Vulnerable students are more likely to advance in their academic knowledge, social and mental wellness — and successfully graduate — when supported by a team of caring adults who provide support services. Vulnerable learners’ outcomes are better when they integrate with a mix of students. This integrated learning model allows students to transition to more effective programs with minimal disruption in the same school as their life circumstances change. Importantly, it also more mirrors the community students experience outside the school environment in socializing, daily interactions and, eventually, their work and post-school adult lives.

As part of an ongoing program reconfiguration, the District reviewed best practices and outcomes from other regions, and consulted broadly with alternative education specialists, staff and families.  In keeping with our commitment to support all students to become successful graduates, the segregated program at CHANCE-Shxwetetilthet will be discontinued at the end of the 2017/18 school year. For the new year starting in September 2018 previous CHANCE-SHXwetetilthet students are transitioning to the Education Centre where they will receive specialized supports: